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Grinch Alert: Porch Pirates!

In the last couple of days packages were stolen from the front porch of a house in the 900 block of Spring Island Way. One was delivered by USPS, and 2 others were delivered by Amazon. The homeowner did not file a police report. PLEASE! This is very important. It is not the delivery carrier’s responsibility to file a police report; it is the package recipient’s responsibility. Below is from Orange County Sheriff’s Office:

Crime Reporting
It is important to report all crimes and suspicious activities to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office (OCSO) because OCSO uses crime statistics to allocate their officers.

+++If you see a crime in progress, call 911 and stay on the line.

+++If a crime has been committed but you do not have video or pictures, file an e-report on Click on “File a police report.”

+++If a crime has been committed and you have video or pictures, call the non-emergency number 407.836.HELP (407.836.4357) to report it, then copy the video or pictures to a CDROM or thumb drive to give to OCSO. Do not use e-file because attachments cannot be attached to e-file reports.

+++If you see suspicious activity but no crime has been committed, call the non-emergency number 407.836.HELP (407.836.4357).

If you are unsure whether an incident is worth reporting, report it anyway and let the OCSO decide whether it is important. Your report might help establish a connection with other crimes and lead to arrests.

Package thefts are becoming a growing problem everywhere. Some tips to help prevent this from happening to you: require a signature for delivery; have package delivered to a work address or neighbor; ask a neighbor to be on the lookout for the delivery, retrieve the package(s) from your porch and hold in their home till you get home.

Thanks, and wishing you a Happy Holiday Season and a crime-free Healthy New Year!.









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 Harold Engold  407.491.5233

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 Sandy Horazak  407.207.6557

 Cookie Symons  407.273.5460

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 Sandy Horazak  407.207.6557



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