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ARC Request & Approval

As a reminder, all changes to the properties within Cypress Isles community are required to be approved by the ARC prior to implementation/installation of changes.

So how does the ARC review/approval cycle work?

1. Contact the WLCA office at the community pool cabana, call 407-380-3803 to get an ARC application form, or download it using the link above. DO NOT IMPLEMENT REQUESTED CHANGES PRIOR TO APPROVAL BY THE ARC.

2. Complete the top section; provide information on requested change. Listed below are examples of the information that is needed with the application is submitted.

o If submitting a structural change (fence, swing set, landscaping, pool, building addition), include a copy of the plot plan with the changes noted on plot plan.
o Requesting solar panel approval, note which sides of the roof the panels will be installed.
o Color change to the home, include samples of the colors and noted where colors are to be used (trim, walls, porch, etc.).
o Window tint, include sample of material to be used.

3. Submit it to WLCA or a Cypress Isles Board Member. The Cypress Isles ARC and WLCA has up to 30 days to approve or disapprove the request.

4. Once approved by both the Cypress Isles ARC and WLCA, a copy of the application will be mailed to the requestor. If disapproved, the ARC will provide written rationale for disapproval and request homeowner to resubmitted application.